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3 Visioning Exercises to Calm Down and Balance

Healthy, sick, wealthy, poor, famous, notorious… Whoever we are, regardless of our background and qualifications, we have one thing in common that unites us: our thoughts are full of stress and anxiety. If you are tired of constantly worrying about the past and the future, we understand you very well. When we are full of stress and anxiety, we become vulnerable to all kinds of alarms and become sensitive, so even the people around us saying “calm down” can get on our nerves, and we can be triggered even more instead of relaxing. So when suggestions are useless, will we do nothing? If we want to transform, there are great ways to do it! Today we want to share one of them with you.

Thanks to the visioning exercise, it is possible to calm down by changing the focus of your mind. The more you practice this visualization, the stronger these muscles in your mind will become, so you don’t have to wait to stretch until your hands are sweaty and your teeth are clenched to do the work. Spiritual counselor and acupuncture practitioner Deganit Nuur recommends practicing the following exercises for a minimum of 21 days, for 20 minutes.

Visioning exercise to get rid of negative emotions

When we feel restless, anxious, and uncomfortable, it may be because we attract the energy that does not belong to us, maybe from social media or our surroundings like a magnet. This work can help you balance and center your energy.

  1. If possible, with your eyes closed, imagine a hollow tube of light stretching from your hip to the Earth’s core. With the help of this tube, you can convey all the feelings, such as anxiety, restlessness, and lack of love, that does not work for you to the center of the world.
  2. Visualize all negative emotions going down your body one by one with this grounding tube. Wherever the feeling is, in your head, body, legs, or stomach, see it absorbed by the line. Try to see the emotion leave you and enter the ground wire, being sucked into the center of the Earth.
  3. Repeat for all other negative emotions.

Visioning exercise to balance the energy of your space

Difficult conversations at work, discussions with the boss, interviews, challenging presentations… If you need to tune the frequency of any room perfect for you, you can use this exercise. Do this exercise with your eyes open.

  1. Imagine a golden column of light in the middle of the room. Like your grounding tube, this hollow light tube reaches deep into the Earth and acts as a vacuum.
  2. Watch as dark, nasty-colored energies are absorbed from the walls and furniture of this space towards the ground wire of the room, moving and disappearing into the center of the Earth. Cycle through all the rainbow colors and send them to this golden ground wire.
  3. Next, imagine declaring your belonging here by writing your name on all the room walls. Imagine your self-confident smiling face on all walls.
  4. Write your intentions on all the walls. For example: “I can communicate clearly.”, “I feel safe”, and “I am safe here.” “I belong here.”

Visioning exercise to gain your strength

If you are stuck in the past or worried about the future, this exercise can help you return to the present, regain your strength, and feel complete and whole!

  1. Imagine a vast, golden sun hovering just above your head.
  2. In the center of the golden sun is a magnet with your name. This name-shaped magnet serves to summon all your power to your sun.
  3. You call all your power, all your potential, to the present moment, this magnet, and you see it all flooding into the sun with a golden light.
  4. Once you feel your infinite potential being filled into the sun, a hole will open under your sun and bathe you in this golden light. You will fill your feet, legs, torso, arms, and head with all this beautiful golden light.